IP Technology

CS was a pioneer company for the use Voice over of IP technology for radio communications for air traffic control. CS has developed innovative solutions combining the adequacy with operational requirements, cost-benefit analysis, resilience and data security inherent in mission-critical systems for defense and security.

This expertise is recognized, particularly with the implementation of VCS (Voice Communication Systems) in test centres for the DGA 2004. It was confirmed by the acceptance of VCS for NATO in 2006 (ACCS program), and the provision of aerodrome operations centres VCS for the Air Force in 2008.
Member of EUROCAE WG 67 "VoIP Technology for ATM", CS was actively involved in the development of European norms and standards based on the experience of its past deployment achievements of VCS (Voice Communication Systems) using VoIP technology for communications. CS has provided leadership of sub-group dedicated to the definition of interoperability standards, with the participation of major European VCS and radio T/R equipments suppliers. The publication of documents Eurocae will be marked a major milestone in the way towards a Single European Sky.
Fully consistent with the development phase of SESAR, CS is actively involved in the tests conducted as part of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) in the presence of the some major European industrial VCS suppliers and several ANSPs, including the Federal Aviation Authority

In addition, CS has recently delivered a Back-up Radio VCS for the Belgian ANSP Belgocontrol, and for the Switzerland ANSP Skyguide (in cooperation with Rohde & Shwarz). These successes confirm the relevance of technological choices of CS. 

These achievements can confidently look forward to the integration of VoIP technology in the development phase of SESAR and its deployment as part of the renewal of analog systems still widely used and in accordance with the recommendations of Eurocontrol, which included in the Single European Sky Implementation (ESSI). Besides the ease of use and reduced maintenance costs, VoIP technology opens the way towards the establishment of functional blocks of airspace (FBA), the first concrete translation of defragmentation of European airspace .