Logistical support

CS designs and deploys logistical information, maintenance and repair systems, and contributes to the optimization of support operations.

Logistical information systems
The challenges of defense budget rationalization are a factor that leads to the externalization of global functions of the armed forces and thus to the development of CS service activities, in particular in the field of support and logistics, essential for ensuring the high-level security of the availability rates of army systems and equipment.
In partnership with the SopraStéria Group, CS is developing the logistical information system of the SIMMAD, named Comp@s, which ensures the maintenance in operational condition of the aeronautic equipment of the French Air Force.

Management of MRO processes (Maintenance, Repair and Operations)
While the availability and reliability of equipment are crucial, cost-effective maintenance and repairs are equally vital. Planning maintenance services and optimizing the operational availability of managed resources make it possible to manage the entire life cycle of complex products. CS designs and deploys logistical information systems that integrate support tools such as documentation, training, spare parts management, and support and test equipment. CS also provides logistical support and spare parts management to ensure the cost-effective operational availability of equipment.

Concept of maintenance
A number of functional safety studies (functional analysis and analysis of reliability, maintainability, testability, availability, and security) are carried out in order to achieve the required availability rate and define an appropriate concept of maintenance. These studies can be carried out iteratively as the system evolves. They are based on strict standards whose application constraints guarantee the accuracy of the results.

CS is providing Operational and Security maintenance for three major systems within the SCCOA program (Système de Commandement et de Conduite des Opérations Aérospatiales: Aerospace Operations Command and Control System) for a period of 14 years.
This contract, negotiated by the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement: French Department of Defense) and the SIMMAD (Structure Intégrée de Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle des Matériels Aéronautiques de la Défense: military aircraft maintenance organization) aims to offer support for all the local control centers of air force bases (CLA), for the secure ground-to-air radio communication network (SRSA), and for radio communications at military coordination and control centers (CMCC). The contract thus covers over 30 radio centers, 18 air bases, 5 test platforms, 6 shelters, a total of over 1,000 pieces of equipment, and several tens of millions of lines of code.