Modular and Secure Communication Systems

CSoIP, a high-level integrated radio-telephone-intercom solution for operational security

Modular and Secure Communication Systems
Thanks to our expertise in VoiP for over 10 years and our strong involvement in the development of new ED137 standards, CS has used the SAF 3000 product as a basis for the design of CSoIP (Communication & Security over IP), the new full IP Voice Communication System (VCS) that responds to the current and future needs of military air traffic controllers.
Thanks to our experience and expertise, CSoIP is an innovative product compatible with the EUROCAE ED-137 IP communication standard, offering a high-level integrated radio-telephone-intercom system based on IP architecture.

CSoIP fully integrates with your current installations and ensures optimum operation of communications at your command center.


CSoIP: A range of reliable and highly available products

Modular and Secure Communication Systems
CSoIP responds to the most exacting quality standards and is based on a decentralized redundant architecture providing a level of operational availability higher than 99.999%.
The CS teams have developed a structure with a robust design based on tried and tested durable technologies while scrupulously complying with the strictest software quality processes (SWAL3). Moreover, CSoIP responds to high-level air security requirements (expertise ESARR4) and successfully passes all performance tests.
CSoIP guarantees reliability, availability and redundancy beyond standard requirements and ensures the operational continuity of your communications.