Mr. Laurent Giovachini joins CS group as Chairman and CEO of CS Systèmes d’Information

To continue and accelerate the redeployment of CS group, Mr Eric Blanc-Garin asked Mr. Laurent Giovachini to join the group and to ensure the operational management as chairman and CEO of CS Systèmes d’information.

Mr Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS Communication & Systèmes, will focus on strategic development and alliances expansion.

Mr. Laurent Giovachini said: " It is with enthusiasm I join a technologically efficient group. I am pleased with the trust place in me to complete this entrepreneurial challenge. "

Mr Eric Blanc-Garin for his part said: "I am very happy that Laurent Giovachini agreed to join CS and provide our group with his in-depth knowledge of the industrial issues on market sectors on which we operate.”

Mr. Sabeg, Chairman of the CS board, said: "Our management team has always had many different talents. The appointment of Laurent Giovachini puts us on tracks to write a new page of our history and take advantage of the opportunities provided by our market sectors. "

Laurent Giovachini, 49, X-ENSTA, Senior Engineer General Armaments has spend a large part of his career at the French MoD procurement agency (French: Délégation Générale pour l’Arrmement) and DCNS, and participated in several ministerial cabinets.

He represented France at NATO, at the European Union and at the Supervisory Board of OCCAR.

During his career, he has developed in-depth skills in managing high-tech projects and in procurement, organization, management and international relations.

He held from 2005 to 2008 the functions of Deputy of General Delegate for Armament, Chief Operations Officer.

Laurent Giovachini was since 1 January 2009 Senior Director at AlixPartners, an international consulting firm specialized in business management.

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