On October 10, 2008, CS will attend the EPAA* Symposium in Paris (Ecole Militaire) around 'Air Forces and Europe: upcoming challenges'.

The EPAA* organizes a symposium around three topics with the participation of European representatives of military and political institutions, academics and actors of industry:
• Political, human and cultural challenges,
• Air Forces transformation,
• Challenges of European cooperation.

CS will cut in the first session held from 9:30 and 11:00 around 'Air Forces' transformation'.

The techniques and technologies associated to the 'Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance' concept (C4ISTAR) are combat forces' boosters.

• How high technology can help partners in information acquisition, processing, sending and sharing?

• How to overcome weapons and equipment heterogeneity? How to keep up with state of art levels and integrate the inexorable evolution of information and communications technology?

This session will describe the impact of the 'Revolution in Military Affairs' on the construction of European Air Forces.

* European Partnership of Air force Associations (EPAA) unites the main Air Force associations of European countries in order to promote air forces in the European defense.