Passenger information, operational support, mobility, secure systems.

CS, along with its subsidiary Diginext, supports transport industries and operators

Passenger information

Promoting the intermodal use of public transportation, preserving the attractiveness of large cities, and providing real-time global information that is relevant and reliable both before and during journeys: these are the challenges addressed by MOBILITX, the passenger information system developed by CS subsidiary DIGINEXT.

MOBILITX makes it possible to:
  • Provide journey times and possible itineraries for both normal and disrupted service.
  • Provide global intermodal and multi-carrier information covering all transportation and media
  • Integrate with personal and collective media to support the passenger throughout his or her journey.
This solution:
  • Natively integrates with the latest standards of interoperability (Transmodel, Netex, SIRI, etc.)
  • Makes it possible to receive and transmit information et référentiels des différents SAEs existants, des responsables IV des exploitants.
  • Processes open data and Web 2.0 community data.
  • Has a modular, adaptable and upgradeable architecture:
                 - High level of service availability (24/7)
                 - Simple to configure and supervise
                 - Solution can be made available in project mode or hosted mode

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Operational support

Since it was created in 1996, DIGINEXT has applied its skills to the field of public transportation. In addition to technical skills, DIGINEXT has an in-depth knowledge of the business that allows it to quickly understand its clients’ requirements.
The offering is based on the following points:
  • Robust experience of developing, integrating and maintaining operating and information systems in urban transportation systems
  • An understanding of the business of operating a transportation network, and experience in developing and implementing the following components:
                  - Managing fleets of vehicles
                  - PHONIE terminals for TETRA network
                  - Teleticketing.