Product Lifecycle Management

To manage the entire product lifecycle from design through technical documentation to maintenance while keeping within production constraints, CS offers its clients a number of solutions.

Product Lifecycle Management
New products are more and more often developed by teams in different countries that need to work together and access shared data.

The solutions offered by CS in this area combine CAD (Computer-Aided Design), TDMS (Technical Data Management Systems) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). Cutting-edge simulation solutions allow CS to connect production data management systems with the main integrated professional software packages on the market today.

CS is involved in a number of DMS projects. Our high-level Electronic Document Management skills make it possible to bring structured document construction technology to PLM projects by interfacing the PLM with existing EDM products.

CS has two main business strands in this domain: consultancy and project integration.
PLM (product lifecycle management) is a corporate strategy that aims to manage and share all the information relating to the definition, production and maintenance of an industrial product throughout its lifecycle, from the drawing board to the end of its life.

PLM is used by companies to protect their intellectual capital, and is an essential tool to cope with market globalization.

As well as product lifecycle management, our offering includes a geographical dimension, in that we can take charge of localization when required by implementing a GIS (Geographical Information System) coupled with the PLM.

This coupling makes it possible to tackle asset management or territorial management issues.