Q3 2014 Revenues: +2.7%

Back to growth confirmed

Confirming the announcement of a return to growth in the second half of 2014, the group recorded Q3 2014 revenue of € 35.3 million, up to 2.7% versus Q3 2013, at constant perimeter. At end-September 2014, the total turnover amounted to € 117.7 million (-0.7% compared to the end of September 2013, at constant perimeter).

At end-September 2014, orders totaled € 76.4 million, down from the amount at September 30, 2013. The growth in orders expected in Q4 should allow registering a book-to-bill ratio near to 1.

Q3 2014 Revenues: +2.7%

Defense, Space & Security 
The group's activities in the space sector remain positive. CS is also intensifying its efforts to establish itself as a major player in the field of cybersecurity in France and Europe, thanks to its monitoring solution of security events, PRELUDE, recognized by ANSSI (French Agency for cybersecurity). The group is also continuing its international expansion through its expertise and innovative systems for air defense, geospatial intelligence and voice communication systems for air traffic control.
At end-September 2014, Backlog of this activity amounts to 16.7 months of sales. The level of activity should be increased in Q4 2014.

Aeronautics, Energy & Industry
This business recorded further growth in the aeronautics on the North American continent; part of the production is carried out in France, offsetting the decline induced by the reduction of major Airbus engineering programs.
To sustainably strengthen its position, the group continues its development efforts by leveraging its expertise in the field of embedded systems, high-performance simulation and industrial Big Data.

Products (Diginext)
During this quarter, Diginext recorded a slight growth and continues its efforts in R & D and pre-sales to win new market share in France and abroad in the field of training of forces and maritime surveillance.


At end-September 2014, the total number of employees was 1,782 versus 1,791 as of June 30, 2014 and 1,733 at end-2013. The average occupation rate for billable employees, excluding Product Activity, over the first 9 months of 2014 improved to 82.1% (vs 81.9% as of end-September 2013).
CS continues to extend its improvement plan "Performance 2016" and confirms its objective of improved operating profitability and return to growth in H2 2014.

CS is a major actor in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems. CS is listed on the Euronext Paris stock markets - Compartment C (Shares: Euroclear 7896 / ISIN FR 0007317813). For more information, please go to: www.c-s.fr

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