Security & Dependability

CS, your trusted partner for end-to-end information system security.

In the framework of regulatory changes affecting governance, risk and compliance, the digital company of the 21st century is free to seize a whole range of new opportunities: employees, clients and suppliers connected 24x7; secure clouds; widespread use of mobile devices and open-ended BYOD strategies; Big Data integration; SCADA industrial systems; and cyber-secure control and command systems.

CS is eager to help its clients achieve cyber-resilience and to contribute to active cyber-defense policies and methods in connection with national and European security and defense strategies. By investing in industrial and technological cybersecurity resources and by taking part in the implementation of a national cyberprotection policy, CS helps to combat cybercrime.

By working with world class experts, leveraging our direct experience of key economic sectors, and adopting a results-driven approach centered on our clients’ own business, CS is able to provide consultancy and support services in the following fields:
  • Risk analysis (EBIOS, ISO 27005, etc.)
  • Support for IS security, developing and updating IS security policies
  • Dealing with IS security aspects in any project
  • Support for certification (ETSI, ISO 27 0XX, RGS, etc.)
  • Intrusion tests, security audits
  • Security maintenance
  • Cyberdefense and defensive computing