Security and protection for infrastructures & sensitive sites

With changing risks and the emergence of new threats (e.g. terrorism and cyber-attacks), it is now imperative to implement solutions that respond to internal and external security requirements. In this context the ability to anticipate and to command and control operations, to control and protect information, and to guarantee systems interoperability, represents a strategic advantage for both governments and companies.

Operational management: monitoring and countering threats

With the increased complexity of organizations and the need to control situations both within territories and on borders while easing circulation flows, countries have to implement new technological methods to monitor and counter threats.

CS implements command centers that make it possible to communicate effectively with teams, to visualize situations via video systems, to geo-locate teams on the move, and to provide teams on the ground with real-time tactical views to optimize their interventions and guarantee public safety.

Crisis management: informing & protecting the public

Crisis management systems combine command capabilities with information control. They make it possible to anticipate crises, to manage them, to prepare their outcomes, and to provide feedback to ensure progress is on-going. They include information gathering, analysis, decision-making and communication of decisions.

Major crises to be dealt with
  • major accidents: industry, sensitive infrastructures
  • natural risks
  • anthropogenic risks: NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Chemical, Biological)
  • health risks
  • threats and acts of terrorism

Area surveillance

Thanks to our experience working with the Iraqi government as consulting engineers for security systems in Bagdad and at one of the country’s borders, CS has the necessary expertise to provide solutions for area surveillance and the security of sensitive sites.

Moreover, CS has demonstrated its role as a key player in the field of maritime surveillance. Leveraging its ability to implement operational command centers and to integrate radar and optoelectronic systems, and thanks to the development of an over-the-horizon HF radar, CS can respond to the growing challenges involved in the identification, detection and protection of maritime approaches.

CS is also developing the first integrated French anti-drone system, BOREADES in response to the requirements laid out by the SGDSN (national defense and security secretariat) in the framework of a project funded by the ANR (national research agency), namely:
  • Detecting drones
  • Identifying and pursuing drones
  • Neutralizing and recovering drones
  • Locating remote pilots.