September 11, 2008 - OREKIT (Orbits Extrapolation KIT) : CS launches the 1rst free operational Space Flight Dynamics1 Java library

Involved for many years in open source solutions integration and development, CS makes its investments in space flight dynamics available to the world and delivers its OREKIT Java library to the open-source community (

As a modern and unique tool using the most recent physics models, OREKIT is a space flight dynamics library of “turnkey” basic components (orbits, dates, attitudes, frames). It will thus be a helpful tool for our European clients (space agencies and manufacturers) to take an important technologic leap thanks to the underlying innovative technologies both at an IT level and for space dynamics.

OREKIT will allow to reduce the development time for applications which will use it, in the context of a space market searching to cut down its expenses, and to have modular solutions at its disposal in order to rapidly meet a large series of fundamental needs.

A version of OREKIT has already been used as an algorithmic kernel for the supervision tool developed by CS for the CNES and ESA, for the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) docking with the ISS (International Space Station).

Written in Java, the OREKIT library proposes the basics functions for all space flight dynamics systems:
  • Orbits,
  • Dates, time,
  • Attitude,
  • Terrestrial and satellite frames.

Moreover, CS has been very careful with the open source license choice and selected the Apache license V2.0 for its business friendliness.

In order to accompany the diffusion and evolutions of this open source library, CS relies on its team of 35 space flight dynamics specialists within it Flight Dynamics and Simulation department (FDS). They are in charge of evolutions coherence and to answer users demands. Thus, the FDS team supplies for all the necessary services to accompany its clients from the mission analysis phase to the operational qualification.

1 Space flight dynamics aims to forecast the trajectories of space objects such as launchers or spacecrafts including orbital manoeuvres.

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