Tactical data links

Diginext, a subsidiary of the CS Group, confirms its technological leadership to respond to testing, training and operational systems requirements

A leader in the field of Tactical Data Links, Diginext has expanded its offering to include armed forces training and the Battlelab thanks to the implementation of simulation solutions that make it possible to deploy a "Live, Virtual and Constructive" architecture:

TACTX, the world reference for simulation and multi-link testing, to help with the development and integration of a tactical air / land / sea system, to assess the compliance of TDL implementation with standards, and to check and qualify the interoperability of the platform with NATO forces.   

STARLINX, a multi-link operational system, to instantly provide autonomous capacity on any type of platform.

SOLSTICE, a solution for armed forces training in operational environments. Combining real and simulated contexts, SOLSTICE covers a wide range of training for using TDLs and is designed for a number of different professions (pilot, controllers, artillerymen, etc.) Based on an open architecture, it can be easily integrated with existing systems, making it possible to keep their interfaces and familiar methods of operation.

DirectCGF, new generation tactical environment simulation software offering, for example, TDL communication capacities between simulated or real entities, based on the DirectSim software used by the French Defense Department.
To find out more: http://www.directcgf.com/