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Terms of Use

1. This website is intended to provide users with information on the CS Communication & Systèmes group.
The data published herein is provided for informational purposes onlyand under no circumstances shall it be considered as a commercial offer. No clause in the website shall be construed as creating a contractual link with CS Communication & Systèmes or represent any conceivable obligation by CS Communication & Systèmes towards users, other than that which is defined in the present "Terms and Conditions".
While CS Communication & Systèmes makes every effort to provide reliable information throughout this website, it does not warrant that this website is free of inaccuracies, errors, omissions, reliability and availability problems and / or viruses.

2. This website is protected by intellectual property rights and CS Communication & Systèmes is theowner and / or holder of all the material it contains (graphics, photographs, videos, texts, software, databases, etc.)
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It is expressly forbidden to create on any website a link to the present website, either by hypertext link or by framing technique.


Under no circumstances will CS be liable for any indirect damages tousers. Indirect damages include moral or commercial damages, lostprofits, sales, clientele or orders or loss of data of any kind. In anyevent, the liability of CS for damages arising in connection with the present "Terms and Conditions" shall not exceed the amount of 1 000 Euros.


CS reserves the right to modify the website, including the "Terms and Conditions", at any time and without notice.

Applicable Law

The present "Terms and Conditions" are governed by FRENCH LAW. If any controversy should arise from the wording, interpretation or executionof the present contract, the courts of PARIS will have exclusive jurisdiction.