Total chooses CS to equip heavy trucks

As part of the project for developing electronic toll payment systems for heavy trucks, operational since January 2007, Total has chosen CS to provide a new service to its end-customers.

Total is an issuer certified by the "Commission de Télépéage" (Electronic Toll Payment Commission). This body is composed of French toll road companies that has marketed the "Télébadge Poids Lourds" (heavy truck electronic toll collection) since January 22, 2007. This new product is designed for shipping companies and has expanded the service offering for managing business expenses that Total is already making available to its customers in the form of corporate credit cards (Total GR and AS24). CS is providing its MELODHY™ electronic toll payment tags and assisting Total with the entire process by customizing the tags and handling distribution logistics and maintenance. To this end, CS has designed a secured platform interfaced with the Total Information System so that badges can be distributed to its transport industry customers with very short lead times. CS is responsible for the maintenance of all systems supplied. CS is also participating in the rollout of heavy truck electronic toll payments in France by providing highway operators, such as ASF, Sanef, Sapn and Cofiroute, with ground equipment and toll lane software upgrades. "CS is a global player in Intelligent Transport Systems. With this project, we are penetrating the new market of electronic toll payment for heavy trucks. The road tax market is in a period of sustained development and represents substantial potential for CS development," says Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS.