Voice Communication Systems

CSoIP for Communication and Security over IP is the Voice Communication System (VCS) solution designed, developed and provided by CS.

Our VCS product ‘s name is self-explanatory;  a reliable and secured VCS solution providing outstanding communication performances and extensive functionalities in Radio, Telephone and Interphone fields. CSoIP operates in full accordance with the IP standard ED137 that focuses on  Voice-over-IP application within Air Traffic Management environment.

CS has been actively contributing for decades in the field of IP technology in ATC context and can now boasts being among the pioneers of VoIP integration into VCS systems.

CSoIP modular IP VCS solution:
The field proven IP technology normalized by ED137 standard has become a baseline requirement in communication segment of the ATC industry. CSoIP operates in full adequacy with the state-of-the-art ED137 standard along with respect of demanding quality standards. In parallel, it can be interfaced with non-IP legacy equipment still in operation in ATC centres by means of high performance gateway modules.

Furthermore, thanks to its adaptable design CSoIP demonstrates full ability to fit any configuration of Air traffic Control facility from small tower control center to large-scale en-route ATC environment through cost effective scalability. In addition, its decentralized architecture mainly made of single type of boards brings modular capabilities and high flexibility. This approach facilitates extension of your facilities through close costs control.